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Hamlet revisited
Hamlet revisited

Hamlet revisited

Ratio is death speaking to itself through mankind.


Ratio is fear of death hiding itself within the brain.

Neither is true nor untrue.

I’m just trying to see
why fear spreads faster than fire or virus,
when events occur which ratio cannot grasp.

There seems to be but one root ruling us:
the fear of dying.

Which makes as much sense
as being afraid of reaching puberty as a child:
it will happen anyway.

So better start dealing with this immanence of death,

meaning you should seek the secret of eternal life,
immanent to all immortal beings;

meaning you must be prepared to die
at any given moment,
and leave behind everything you presume to own.

Everything is owned only by itself, is it not?

(you just shared its existence for a while)

(and other platitudes)

(which are dudes that studied Plato)

(not counting myself as one of them though).

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